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OYO Fitness Portable Total Body Gym



OYO Fitness Portable Total Body Gym keeps you fit as a fiddle anywhere anytime!

If you like to stay fit while travelling or on the road, you don’t have to enroll in expensive gym memberships just to be able to do your workout.  The OYO Fitness Portable Total Body Gym is a complete body workout system that is portable enough to fit in your suitcase.  The portable total body gym is essentially dumbells in the form of a cabled resistance system.

Unlike traditional dumbells that are weighty and certainly not portable, the total gym is ultralight, ultra-portable and can provide you with a full-body workout from anywhere, all you need is a little space to stretch your legs.  You will enjoy a total body workout that targets specific muscle groups with smooth constant resistance that will build muscle and increase endurance.

Don’t let the size fool you, even though its small enough to fit inside your pocket, the total gym packs a tremendous punch and is equivalent to working out with free weights without the risk of strains and injury associated with using free weights.  Unlike traditional cabled workout systems that are jerky and can do tremendous damage to joints, the total gym provides movement that is fluid and jerk-free so you can avoid injuries.

Start at the beginner level or adjust the resistance in increments of five pounds up to twenty five pounds if you are really in for a good sweat.  The OYO Fitness portable gym is not cheap and priced higher than comparable systems but judging from the benefits it provides, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The Cost? $99.00


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