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Orthopedic Support Pillow Cushions



The Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Cushions keep your body well positioned and safe while in bed!

Relax in style and and satisfaction with the kind bed orthopedic support pillow cushions.  The first of a kind four piece orthopedic support cushions keeps your body well contoured when you lie down in bed to read a book or use your laptop.  The cushions comfort your body by keeping your body well supported to prevent injury and discomfort when reading in bed.  The Kind pillow features four well contoured pieces to keep that can be assembled in the configuration shown to support your body and prevent straining, stretching and neck injuries.  The back cushion keeps your back well positioned and offers firm lumbar support, while the headrest supports your head and keeps your neck from straining and stretching. The knee rest alleviates pressure and keeps your joints in the correct natural position that avoids injury.  The cushions are made from a super soft blend of lush rayon and bamboo frame with polyurethane foam underneath and a memory foam top for ultimate comfort and support.  For those of us who love the comfort of our beds to read, watch TV or use our computers, the kind bed orthopedic support system offers the best in support and comfort.

The Cost? $174.99



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