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Night ‘n Day Mechanical Globe



The Night ‘n Day Mechanical Globe teaches young minds about the physical world!

Learning about the world around us is one of the most important knowledge you can teach your children. Make sure your kids are learning about the planet and the world we live on with the Night ‘n Day Mechanical Globe by Edu-Toys.  The mechanical globe is real world solar time rotating globe that is both a clock and a calendar.  It shows locations on the earth where sunrise and sunset is occurring.  This toy will help young minds comprehend how the physical world works, how day and night occurs, how time is measured at different location on the earth and the variance in sunlight on different parts of the earth.  At 11” in diameter and standing about 12” in height, the globe is large enough to see all the fine details written on the globe and yet small enough to not take up too much space in your living room or classroom.  When compared to similar globes this one is pretty expensive but also has far more information and learning aids than cheaper globes making it worth the price.

The Cost? $126.40


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