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Levitating Globe World Map



The Levitating Globe World Map adds a touch of elegance to your living or work space!

We have always wanted to have a real life replica of the world in our home and office floating on nothing just like it is in real-time. Thanks to Haobo 6″ Gold-yellow Fascinations Levitating Globe World Map we can have a replica of the world suspended by magnetic force just like the real planet held in place floating on nothing by the sun’s gravitational field. Not only will this be a great discussion piece but its gold and yellow accent colors will look fantastic in your home or office. Plug in to a power source and watch the equator glow in the dark with built in LED lighting that adds a soft yellow halo around the globe. Suspended by magnetic levitation from the stable base, the globe is a work of art that will add touch of elegance to your home décor. Use the globe to learn about the world or teach your kids geography by simply rotating the globe as desired. Place the globe carefully when setting it up to allow the magnets to be perfectly balanced so the globe will float effortlessly. After setting up you can enjoy this marvel of technology which should also serve as a stress reliever in busy offices.

The Cost? $89.99


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