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NAWA’S e-Bike

NAWA’S e-Bike

NAWA’S e-Bike

The NAWA’S e-Bike is the Motorbike of the Future!

The NAWA e-bike is the motorcycle of the future only if it becomes a production bike. Currently, it’s a just a concept that promises to revolutionize the traditional motorbike. The prototype is created by a company that is not in the motorbike business but as a proof concept. The company wants to bring attention to the crucial detail within the bike, its ultra-capacitor which converts up to 90% of the bike’s braking energy into electrical energy to power the bike’s battery. The 0.1kWh ultra-capacitor captures enough energy from braking to add a 300km (186 mile) range on a single battery charge. This is ideally suited for city riding where there is constant stopping and going. Every time you brake at a red light you are recharging the battery at the same time which practically doubles the range of the bike allowing you to drive more and charge less.
Check it Out on Yanko Design

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