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Motion-Sensing LED Stick Anywhere Nightlight



The Motion-Sensing LED Stick Anywhere Nightlight increases safety around the home at nights!


This is the motion-sensing LED stick Anywhere Nightlight.  Ideal for clothing closets, walk-in closets stairways, hallways, pantries or anywhere where you need motion-sensing light.  The convenient battery powered light offers easy installation without wiring and can be installed in less than five minutes to increase safety around the home.  With a bright 20 lumens of LED light that covers up to 10 square feet, anywhere in your home can be easily illuminated for your safety and convenience.  Light is focused downward making it ideal for stairways and areas where a potential fall can occur.  The light activates when sensing motion from 15-feet away and remains illuminated up to 30-seconds without any motion detected.  Included batteries will last up to 1 year with 8-10 activations per day.  Stay safe and illuminate your home with the 3-pack motion-sensing stick anywhere light.

Cost? $24.62

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