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Mini Portable Washing Machine



The Mini Portable Washing Machine is Perfect for Travel, Dorms & Apartments

The Ivation Mini Portable Washing Machine is the perfect solution for the busy traveler who spends a lot of money washing clothes while on the road or for those whose wardrobe and living space is small enough to fit a machine this size.  Measuring only 14.1”x12.6”x19.7” the mini washing machine is ideal for small apartments and can fit easily in the trunk of your car or the back of an SUV.   Incredibly easy to operate and great for washing small loads and delicate items.  The filling hose makes it simple to get the right amount of water in the wash bin without spillage. Connect the mini washing machine to your bathroom or kitchen faucet or any water source while on the go to fill the wash bin with the desired amount of water.  When your wash is finished, simply unplug the drain hose and easily empty the used water into a sink or drain.  Works just like its larger counterparts and gets your clothes  clean and deodorized.  The mini washing machine is portable and ideal for small apartments, dormitories, offices and for use while travelling.

The Cost? $69.99


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