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Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set

Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set

Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set

Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set Saves Space in Your Kitchen!


If you enjoy being in the kitchen, then these magnetic cooking utensils is a must have.  We all know how annoying it is when you are in the midst of cooking a meal and you can’t find your spoon or it has fallen on the floor.  With the magnetic cooking utensil set, you don’t have to worry about them taking up space on your counter-top.  Hang these conveniently on the magnetic base and have them within reach at any time.


The magnetic cooking utensil set come in a set of 4 pieces that can be hung from any wall in your kitchen even the side of your refrigerator or oven, saving you valuable counter-top and drawer space.  The set is bilaterally magnetic which allows it to stick to your refrigerator, range, steel shelving or any magnetic surface in your kitchen and it requires no hanging hardware.


Each utensil in the set is made with a thermoplastic rubber handle and stainless-steel inserts that allows it to attach to the notches in the hanging rack.  The magnetic utensil set include a large spoon, large slotted spoon, spatula and flex spatula.  The heads made of nylon and are heat resistant up to 400 degrees F.

Cost? $39.99
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