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Magnetic Bottle and Jar Hanger



The Magnetic Bottle and Jar Hanger saves space and keeps your refrigerator organized!

Save space and organize your refrigerator with the Magnetic Bottle and Jar Hanger.  Bottles are the most space occupying items in a refrigerator and if you are a beer drinker there nothing more annoying that several bottle of your favorite brew stacked up in one corner of the refrigerator.  Not only is it unsightly but it takes up precious space that can be used for storing fruits, veggies or last night’s Chinese food leftovers.  The Magnetic Bottle and Jar hanger is the world’s first magnetic bottle hanger that holds bottles, Jars and even cans securely in place on the ceiling of your refrigerator.

No screwing or time consuming installation required, simply peel and stick the bottle hanger to the ceiling of your refrigerator in a clear corner and begin sticking your bottles or Jars to the magnetic holder. The Bottle Loft is attached to the ceiling using super strong adhesive so you never have to worry about it coming loose.  The super strong magnetic bond holds bottles in place even if rocked from side to side.

2-Pack includes, two magnetic strips with each strip containing 3 magnetic positions so 2 strips can hold 6 bottles.  Bottle Hanger uses high grade, super strong, magnetic assembles capable of holding 3.5x the weight of a 12oz. bottle by its cap alone.

The Cost? $19.95


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