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Jumbl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Jigsaw Puzzle Table

This Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table Lets you Assemble Puzzles of 1,500-Pieces or More!

Now that you are stuck at home with a second lockdown impending, enjoy time with your family with building puzzles with this jumbo wooden jigsaw puzzle table.  With this jigsaw puzzle table from Jumbl you can assemble huge jigsaw puzzles of 1,500 pieces or more.  It creates a spacious, portable and storable surface for assembling large puzzles in one sitting.  No more cluttering up dining room tables, this table features 6 magnetic-latched side drawers for storing pieces of the puzzle that has not been assembled so you can return to it at a later time.  The drawers provide an easy way to clean up and hide away unused pieces.   The table measures 27″x35″ and fits most standard 1,500-piece puzzles and other games.
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