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Jesban Eyelid LED Eyelashes!



Light up your parties with the Jesban Eyelid LED Eyelashes!


Turn your party into a swanky affair with these Eyelid LED Eyelashes.  Party goers will be amazed when you step into the party with one of these on your eyelids.  These eye-catching LED eyelashes are lightweight, weighs only 15 grams, easy to use and comes with 7 lighting modes complete with a sound control mode for amazing effects.  Secures to your eyelashes and will not fall off even in the roughest dancing positions.  Two CR2032 batteries in the waterproof LED eyelashes can last up to several days and a microcomputer program controls, low color temperature so the LED won’t heat up and harm your eyes.  Spice up your teen house parties, Halloween parties, night rides, concerts, nightclub affairs, bar dances or anywhere where you feel these eyelashes will be appropriate.

Cost? $6.50

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