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iRobot Gutter Cleaning Robot



iRobot Gutter Cleaning Robot eliminates the stress of cleaning roof gutters!

Fall is approaching and cleaning roof gutters will become that chore that must be done but is surely hated. The iRobot Gutter Cleaning Robot eliminates the stress of gutter cleaning by doing the job for you proficiently and safely. The robot eliminates the need for repeated ladder climbing at different part of your roof and overreaching at dangerous heights. Simply place the robot into your gutter and using the detachable handle as a remote control watch it blast away dirt and debris and brushes gutters clean at the press of a button.  The robot features a high-velocity four-stage auger for improved debris management and will remove leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing the gutter surface clean. When the CLEAN button is pressed, the robot travels through your gutters, sensing and adapting to debris to provide the most effective cleaning possible.


Using the remote you can control the spin direction of the auger so dislodged debris can be tossed in the correct direction away from your roof. Use the robot in either the automatic or manual mode. In automatic unmanned cleaning mode, the robot will move on its own down the gutter and return to you after it is finished. In manual mode you can use the detachable handle as a 50-foot remote control to steer the robot down the gutter and back while controlling the spin direction of the auger. With a four-stage auger that spins at 500 RPM, the robot can break apart clogs and removes debris from a 30-foot section of gutter in about five minutes. Keeping your gutters clean is very important to maintaining the safety and appearance of your roof. Cleaning leaves and debris accumulated in roof gutters can be time consuming and dangerous.  The robotic gutter cleaner aims to solve this problem by providing a safe and efficient way to keep your gutters clean.

The Cost? $189.99


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