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Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent

Transparent Bubble Tent

Transparent Bubble Tent

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent!

Camping is one of those outdoor activities that brings you closer to nature and helps you relax and recharge. The inflatable transparent bubble tent lets you enjoy the outdoors with a modern interior space that rivals that of your bedroom.  The bubble large interior diameter lets you enjoy a space large enough for you and your hubby. Unlike conventional tents that prevent you from seeing outside, the transparent bubble tent lets enjoy the sights of nature during the day and the starry skies at nights while you relax comfortably inside.  Made from 0.3mm PVC and PVC Tarpaulin, the tent is sturdy, secure and held up by the air pressure within.  Once you go outside the tent its recommended to zip the doors up immediately or the inside pressure will decrease and the tent will deflate.  Because of the transparent and inflatable nature of the tent it may not be ideal for rugged camping excursions and is more ideal for a backyard camping experience.

The Cost? $900.00


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