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Inferno Infrared Grill

Inferno Infrared Grill lighted up

Inferno Infrared Grill lighted up

Inferno Infrared Grill cooks steak in half the time!


Save time grilling with the Inferno Infrared Grill that heats up to scorching 1,500°F in just seconds allowing to grill steaks in half the time. This revolutionary outdoor grill saves time in backyard grilling by searing your steaks in just seconds. The Inferno grill is propane fueled and when fired up, it instantly climbs to 1,500°F.  You can quickly grill steaks, chicken, salmon, fish, shrimp, pork or vegetables.  Simply push the igniter and you are ready to begin grilling and serving in no time.  Perfect for backyard parties where hungry guests can’t wait to be fed, camping and tailgating.  Spend less time on food preparation and more time enjoying the party with the Inferno Infrared Grill.

Cost? $499.00

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