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Indoor Hydroponics Growing System

Indoor Hydroponics Growing System

Indoor Hydroponics Growing System

VegeBox Indoor Hydroponics Growing System Makes it Easy to Grow Herbs and Plants Indoors!

Grow herbs and plants quickly with the indoor hydroponics growing system.  The indoor hydroponics system features a smart spectrum new light technology 21W LED lights that provides all the light your plant needs.  The 135-degree wide angle light can be rotated as your plants grow in height.  The smart LED light sets the perfect time to turn on to help your plants photosynthesis.  A large 1.2L water tank which only requires filling one time and will last up to two weeks provides all the water your plant needs.  Nine plant pots ensure that you grow all your herbs and plants at the same time.  The 100% soilless culture, easy to plant seed grows in three easy steps, sowing, germination, and transplantation.  Enjoy fresh herbs, flowers, sprouts and vegetables all grown from the comfort of your own home with the VegeBox Hydroponics system.
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