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Hudway Glass Head-Up-Display

Heads-Up-Display on dashboard

Heads-Up-Display on dashboard

HUDWAY Glass Head-Up-Display (HUD) keeps your eyes fixed on the road!

Experience the confidence, precision and accuracy of a fighter pilot when driving with the HUDWAY Glass Head-Up-Display (HUD).  As a fighter pilot flies through hostile terrain and poor visibility, you can now navigate with confidence through unknown areas and inclement weather.  Never get lost with the (HUD) and most importantly it forces you to keep your eyes peeled on the road and reject the temptation to answer that incoming text message.  What’s great about this device is that it’s not standalone but turns your smartphone into an easy to read HUD that displays clear precise directions and driving conditions.  Information such as driving path, road curves, speed, weather, temperature are all measured and displayed right before your eyes.


When approaching a blind curve, the HUD will display the curve ahead of time including road and weather conditions so you can anticipate and adjust your speed and awareness before you enter the curve.  The device is self-contained, simply place your smartphone into the holder and the display is projected not onto the windshield but a transparent screen that is part of the device.  Unlike other car HUDs that project the display onto the windscreen where it is affected by image doubling, glare, rain and snow, the HUDWAY Glass avoids all of those issues by projecting the display onto a self-contained transparent glass screen that ensure your view is never obstructed.  Two included mounts, a compact 5mm stationery mount and a 30-degree tilting mount ensures that the device remains safely fixed to your dashboard in all driving conditions.

The Cost? $49.99


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