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Honor Your Loved Ones by Spreading Their Ashes in Space


Image: Mesoloft

Traditionally cremated ashes of loved ones are usually spread in the ocean, on rivers, lakes or in canyons and wilderness areas. A new startup company called Mesoloft will offer grieving families the option of spreading their loved ones cremated ashes in space. What better way to honor your loved ones than to have their cremated ashes soaring and drifting for weeks and months in the upper reaches of the atmosphere (near space), 15 miles above the earth’s surface.

For those who believe in Heaven, this may be an option to get your loved ones there faster by having their ashes physically leave the earth’s surface. However, as the saying goes “what goes up must come down”, and over time the ashes will eventually return to the earth surface spread far and wide over all the globe by atmospheric currents and eventually settling on mountain tops, deserts, oceans, lakes, rivers and even your morning bowl of cereal left opened on the back porch. Not to mention, the ashes will also return to the earth in the form of precipitation as water vapor condenses around ash particles.

The foregoing is from the company’s website: In launching and dispersing your loved ones ashes into the winds at the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s as if you’ve asked the world to acknowledge and celebrate their life. You’ve invited all who live here to share your sorrow and feel your joy. You’ve not simply scattered their cremated remains to be co-mingled with the ground of a single much-loved place; you’ve returned their ashes to the loving embrace of the planet itself.

You’ll discover the comfort of knowing your love one is literally everywhere around you. No matter where you go and what wonderful sights you see; you’ll be warmed by the knowledge they too are there.

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