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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp



The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp cleans and purifies the air in your home!

Himalayan pink salt has been revered for centuries in eastern cultures as a cleansing and health enhancing agent.  Now you enjoy the same benefits with the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps. Regardless of the fact that Himalayan pink salt benefits are not fully supported by modern science, the mere presence of these lamps in the home may improving your well-being and enhance the quality of life in your home.  The benefits of these lamps can be understood when we examine the benefits of salts which has been known for centuries to cleanse and deodorize the air by removing dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other contaminants.  Himalayan pink salt works by a process known as hygroscopy which attract water molecules from the surrounding environment then absorbs those molecules as well as any foreign particles they may be carrying into the salt crystal.  The lamp works in a similar fashion by using the heat produced by the light bulb to warm the Himalayan pink salt.  Enjoy the benefits of Himalayan pink salt to help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, neutralize electromagnetic radiation and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

The Cost? $39.95


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