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Hi-Interiors HiAm Hibed Smart Bed is the Future of Sleep


Image: Hi-Interiors

This HiAm Hibed Smart bed is the future of sleep literally. If you want to spend more time in bed, you should check out the Hi Interiors Smart Bed, this intelligent bed is regarded as the world’s smartest bed able to perform functions conventional beds can only imagine.

The HiAm Hibed allows you to personalize almost every aspect of the bed. It’s available in a number of finishes and smart features you can select to go with your bed finish of your choice. Some of the features include under bed ambient lighting for use as a night light when you sleep. Wake up lighting that slowly wakes you up naturally as opposed to alarms clocks that startle you out of bed. A lighted path when you wake up at at nights to use the bathroom.

Other features include a reading and bedside light, a 70″ HD projector home theater screen built into the bed that allow you to watch your favorite shows in the comfort of your bed. When finished the screen conveniently folds into the foot of the bed. A retractable workstation can also be installed in the bed to allow you to work from bed. Automated adjustable head and foot rests, automated privacy blinds and finally invisible speakers that allow you to play ambient music while you are sleeping or cuddling with your partner.

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