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Gesture Controlled RC Stunt Car

gesture controlled rc stunt car

gesture controlled rc stunt car

This Gesture Controlled RC Stunt Car is Controlled by Hand Gestures!

Give the perfect gift this holiday season with the Gesture controlled RC Stunt Car. This amazing toy features omnidirectional movement based on the principle of a central wheel with a number of axles located around the wheel that convert part of the wheel steering force to a wheel normal force. Well that was a mouthful, but this unique wheel design allows the stunt car to move in different directions instantaneously. It also allows the car to move when flipped or in normal position. When it runs into a wall, it simply flips over and continues in the other direction. The stunt car can run on any surface thanks to its amazing body bending and rolling ability. The car is operated from an ingenious hand mounted gesture controlled remote control unit that allows you to move your fingers to control the car’s movement.
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