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Geek Factory Mini Office Foot Hammock

foot hammock

foot hammock

The Geek Factory Mini Office Foot Hammock Props up your feet in comfort and style!

Sitting at a desk for any length of time is not a good thing but for many of us it’s a reality whether we are working from home or in an office.  Now you can sit a little more comfortably by resting your feet in the Geek Factory Mini Office Foot Hammock.  This unique hammock design replaces the extra chair, stool or desk you use to prop up your feet.  The foot hammock conveniently suspends on either side of any desk with two metallic clips in seconds allowing you to quickly prop up your legs for comfort and relief.  For additional comfort, the foot hammock allows you to adjust the length of the rope from 200mm to 450mm. The setup consists of a narrow strip of canvas and a set of clips to mount on either end of your desk that hold small lengths of the rope.  The foot hammock is Made of 100% cotton, steel and polyethylene and guaranteed to last a long time.

The Cost? $11.98


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