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Gaiam Restore Finger Massager 

Finger Massager

Finger Massager

The Gaiam Restore Finger Massager Helps to Alleviate Soreness in your Fingers!


Want to relax at the comfort of your own home? feeling soreness on your hands, stress and or arthritis? Then try the Gaiam Restore Finger Massager. 
It is a small tool which is made to give you relief and relaxation at $9.98. it will help increase your blood circulation and pain from arthritis and massage your joints. 
In reflexology hands is connected to various parts of our body. This tool will help you get that feeling by yourself without the hassle of going out to a massage therapist.
The Gaiam finger restore massager is a great way to massage your tired fingers in the comfort of your home.

Cost? $9.98

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