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Future-E Electric Foiling Yacht Concept Flys Above the Water


Image: CentrostileDesign

The Future-E electric foiling yacht concept flys above the water similar to a flying boat. Designed by Italian Studio CentrostileDesign, this futuristic yacht concept blends marine engineering with the agility of a jet.

The Future-E, as the yacht it named, is aimed at the emerging future of yachting in which sustainability will be a fundamental principle. The Future-E foiling yacht is made of recycled carbon fiber with a sleek hull and the wings of an aircraft, allowing it to actually fly over the water.

The Future-E yacht is a “zero-impact boat,” meaning it’s completely environmentally friendly with zero carbon emissions, noise, and waves. The vessel features four retractable foils and two electric engines, allowing it to cut through waves with less drag and greater speed than a typical boat. The result is that it consumes significantly less energy.

The vessel’s wings spread out as it accelerates, and as it reaches full foiling mode at 16 knots, it begins to rise up and out of the water for smooth, fast sailing. The yacht can achieve speeds of more than 30 knots when fully loaded. Future-E can also be operated as a normal boat by retracting the foils allowing the hull to return to the water surface.

The streamlined vessel also has a kinematic system, similar to that of a race car, that reduces the effect of waves for a more comfortable ride. Electro-hydraulic actuators and a gyroscope are used to control each foil and minimize undesired movement. Meanwhile, the yacht’s sensitive wings and rudders cooperate to provide nimble handling.

The interior of the yacht features a large dashboard with wraparound screens and a cockpit that can accommodate three sailors plus the pilot. The boat comes in coupe version and a convertible version.

Future-E is one of many foiling yachts that are emerging. The concept is gaining popularity amongst the yachting community for its sustainability and environmentally friendly design and operation. Perhaps the future of yachting lies with vessels that are not vessels in the traditional sense but more like flying boats that crisscross the oceans never touching the water’s surface.

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