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Lexus Yacht Unveiled

Lexus Yacht

Lexus Yacht

This Lexus Yacht will set you back $4.85 million!

Lexus is known for making reliable high-end luxury cars but who would think the Japanese luxury brand would get its feet wet in the Yacht business.  Lexus shocked the luxury Yacht segment by revealing the LY 650, the company’s first luxury Yacht with a starting price of $3.74 million. With four of the Yachts already sold, Lexus is feeling pretty confident that it can rock with the big guys in the industry. The 65-foot LY650 is a sleek watercraft loaded with all the modern amenities, luxuries and technologies that are common-place on luxury Yachts. The base unit will cost $3.74 million while a fully optioned model will set you back a whopping $4.85 million.
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