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FaceCradle Adjustable Travel Pillow



The FaceCradle Adjustable Travel Pillow supports your neck and encourages sleep while you travel!

Finding the perfect sleeping position when flying economy class can be challenging but with the FaceCradle Adjustable Travel Pillow you can sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed when you arrive at your destination. This is one of those inventions that many of us who fly economy class have been looking for; a way to sleep comfortably without affecting the person sitting next to you.


The adjustable neck pillow will comfortably position your head and lull you off to sleep in no time without the inconvenience of tossing and turning your heads on the seat rest to find a comfortable position to sleep. The travel pillow should be your number one travel accessories in your carry-on if you are a frequent flyer who spends a lot of time flying in economy class.


Made of a hardened metal frame to provide support and super high quality memory foam to pad the frame and guaranteed to keep your head and face unbelievable comfortable.  With the adjustable pillow you can sleep in different ways and find the most comfortable sleeping position.  No more gimmicks in economy, no more dozing off and falling on the person seated next to you, no more snapping your neck which can result in serious neck injuries.


The travel pillow allows you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep in the most comfortable position from your departure to travel destination, that is unless you are awaken by the person next to you requesting a bathroom break.  The pillow is easy to carry and a built in strap that helps you get into deep sleep mode also doubles as an easy carry on strap.  So tuck the pillow into your carry-on or strap it on your shoulders and take it aboard, you will be glad you did.

The Cost? $59.99


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