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Electric Outlet Bed Stands



The Electric Outlet Bed Stands lifts your bed and gives easy access to electric outlets!

Increase the number of outlets in your bedroom with the 4-piece electric outlet bed stands.  Ideal for rooms where there is only one wall outlet.  The bed stands not only raise your bed to the desired height but adds two 110-volt, 15-amp grounded electric outlets and two 5-volt DC USB outlets per stand, that’s eight electrical outlets and eight USB outlets total. That’s a whole lot of electrical and USB outlets to power your multitude of devices from smartphones, to smart-TV’s to tablets and more.  No more worries with extension cords to reach the nearest outlet while lying in bed, the electrical outlet bed stand on your side of the bed can be easily reached with a standard smartphone charging cable letting you use your tablet in bed with ease.  Each stand measures 6.4”W x 7.8”H.

The Cost? $36.67


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