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Momen 2A LED Glow Wall USB Power Outlet Adapter



The Momen 2A LED Glow Wall USB Power Outlet Adapter!

This is what electrical current looks like and now you can see the power and energy of arcs of electricity displayed on the Momen 2A LED Glow Wall Charger. The 2-amp USB power outlet adapter is an LED illuminated wall charger with dual USB ports that is highly durable, ultra-compact and universal for use with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and any other USB device. The built-in blue LED lights illuminates the electrical arcs which are actually cracks in the adapter opaque exterior coating and allows your choice of blue or green light to glow through the cracks and display the electrical storm.  The illuminated adapter not only looks phenomenal on your wall but makes it easy to find your charger and see your phone and devices while charging at nights. The 1A/2A electrical output allows for recharging an iPhone, iPad or any smartphone and tablet simultaneously without experiencing a reduction in charging speed.  The Glow Charger will make a cool and romantic addition to your bedroom, the soft blue light can be used as a night light or just for you to enjoy the interesting electrical storm design or set the ambience for something more pleasurable.

The Cost? $12.99


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