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Dragon’s Breath Blue Flame Torch

Dragon’s Breath Blue Flame Torch

This Dragon’s Breath Blue Flame Torch is the Most Powerful Lighter on the Market!

Let a dragon light up your smoke with the Dragon’s breath blue flame torch.  Well it’s not exactly yellow fire from the mouth of Godzilla, this dragon torch breathes a hot blue flame that will light up your smoke in the windiest of conditions.  They are wind-resistant and can fire at any angle even upside down.  It’s the perfect lighter for lighting fireworks, cigars, cigarettes and more especially outdoors.  These lighters can also be used for culinary purposes by a professional or amateur chef.  It will perfectly caramelize your Crème Brulee and even cook meats.  The lighter is easy to refill with butane (not included) and can reach temperatures of up 2300° F and is the most powerful flame lighter on the market.  So powerful that It can solder wires and finish other mechanical and home improvement projects.  The unique dragon design is exceptional for a lighter this size and nonetheless stylish.  You can choose your favorite metallic color copper, gray, green or purple for the lighter of your choice.
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