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Correct Posture Back Support Belt



The Correct Posture Back Support Belt Corrects your Posture and Prevents Injury and Strain!

The leading cause of lower back and neck pain is improper posture when sitting in front of a computer.  The BetterBack Back Support Belt allows you to sit in perfect posture effortlessly.  By wearing the BetterBack support belt you can train your body over time to sit in the correct posture than minimizes neck and back pain and even wrist and carpal tunnel issues which are all related to improper sitting positions at a desk or in front of your computer.  Gone are the days of slouching over your desk which leads to long term serious injuries.  The Support belt positions your back straight and keeps your knees tucked so your spine and neck are properly supported.  Use the back-support belt not Just in the office but at home, when you sit in front of your TV or when you meditate to train your body to sit in the correct posture. Wear for just 15 minutes a day and notice the remarkable changes in your posture.  The support belt is lightweight and easy to use and folds up to fit inside your bag or purse for easy transport.

The Cost? $59.00


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