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Brainstream BeepEgg Egg Timer

Egg Timer

  Egg Timer

Brainstream BeepEgg Egg Timer Keeps Your Eggs From Being Overcooked!

With the BeepEgg boiled egg timer you won’t have to watch the egg or poke a fork into it to tell whether it is fully cooked.  The egg cooker measures the core temperature of the egg while its boiling in the pot and ensures it is cooked the way you want it to be.  The way it works is by keeping the egg timer in the refrigerator at the same temperature you store your eggs which will ensure that it measures the cooking temperature accurately.  Since the timer and the egg has the same starting temperature it simply a matter of placing the timer into a pot with your eggs and the timer will audibly alert you when the eggs are boiled to the texture you want.  The sound of the timer can be customized to play your favorite song as well.

Cost? $19.95

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