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Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder



Relax Pool Side with the Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder!


Relax pool center this summer and enjoy your favorite beverage with the Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder.  This inflatable drink holder can be carried around in the pool with a 30” lanyard that clips to your swim suit or your wrist so your drink stays always by your side.  The fact that it’s inflated doesn’t mean it can be easily ruptured, the drink holder is durable and designed to withstand extreme conditions.  The beverage holder comes in two convenient sizes 12oz to 18oz and is designed to float any size beverage, can cooler, koozie or tumbler.  After you’ve finished enjoying your drink, the compact sized beverage holder can be easily stored away on your boat or at home.

The Cost? $13.99 – $17.99

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