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Audi Skysphere Concept is Literally a Shape-Shifting Car

Audi Skysphere Concept is Literally a Shape-Shifting Car.jpg
Audi Skysphere Concept is Literally a Shape-Shifting Car.jpg

Image: Audi

Audi says that their next concept car, the skysphere, will be able to drive itself. But the big hook is that the skysphere’s body extends by 10 inches from end to end when it transitions from human to self-driving.

The long hood of the concept automobile stretches forward, and the steering wheel and pedals collapse. The gear selector and the driver’s side of the dashboard, which is actually a glass display screen, both peel out, giving a more comfortable place for the driver to rest.

Because the skysphere is an electric automobile with a motor positioned behind the seats, all of this is feasible. That means there’s hardly much beneath the hood to obstruct the front end’s forward and backward motion.

The skysphere functions like a touring vehicle in self-driving mode, an attractive two-seater built for quick, comfortable long-distance travel. For road journeys, a longer wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) is beneficial since it gives the automobile a more steady feel on the highway. The driver may stretch out, relax, and take in the view without having to use a steering wheel or pedals.

It drives more like a sports vehicle in normal human driving mode. The car’s considerably lower wheelbase may result in a faster and more responsive driving experience. The car’s suspension is also lowered, bringing it about a half inch closer to the ground. A steering wheel emerges from beneath the dashboard and a pair of pedals comes into place in the driver’s footwell when the vehicle is switched to sports car mode.

The skysphere cannot drive itself since it is only a concept automobile, according to Audi officials. It’s simply an example of how a vehicle like this may be utilized. According to them, it’s also unclear if a length-changing automobile could pass collision safety testing.

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