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Air Bazooka Air Blaster

Air Bazooka

Air Bazooka

The Air Bazooka Air Blaster Blasts a Ball of Air up to 20 feet!

Laugh with amusement as you blow away your friends hair, ruffle their t-shirts and blow papers off the desk of you friend with the Air Bazooka Air Blaster.  The Airzooka as it is called is the “fun blaster” that blows a harmless ball of air up to 20 feet. Just point and shoot a ball of air and have a blast with your friends.  It’s a great stress reliever, one shot of air at someone or something and you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face.  Airzooka requires no batteries or electricity, it works by simply pulling and releasing a built-in elastic air launcher.  You can shoot multiple rounds of air at your friends and family for maximum outdoor fun. Unlike water pistols, you will never run out of air to blast away.  Available in a variety of colors so everyone in the family can have their own based on their color preference.
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