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HALO Needler Limited Edition Replica



The HALO Needler Limited Edition Replica is a colossal representation of the real game weapon!

For those of us who love the Halo Franchise and enjoy playing this legendary first person shooter, now you can own a piece of the franchise with the Halo Needler Limited Edition Replica. Used by the alien forces in the Halo series with devastating effect, the Limited Edition Halo Needler is an exact 1:1 colossal replica of the original weapon used in the game. The Needler is known for firing projects or shards that are heat seeking and impales flesh then detonates simultaneously eliminating the target. The nicely detailed shards on the replica are beautifully decorated with a nice fuchsia to violet color that illuminates when they are lit from below. Squeeze the trigger and the replica makes realistic firing sounds and the motorized shards retract in sequence. Built in LED lights illuminates the replica and brings out all its detail and color. Ideal for displaying in your home or office, the replica will be sure to turn heads and would make a great talking item at your next family or office gathering. The Needler replica is only available in a limited production run of 3,000 units, so get your now before it is all gone.

The Cost? 229.99


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