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What if? By Randall Munroe

what if by randall munroe

what if by randall monroe

What if? by Randall Munroe – The Book that Explores Absurd and Hypothetical Questions!

What if? by Randall Munroe, an Amazon best book of the month, September 2014 explores the questions most of us would ask about the things that may be considered absurd or ridiculous.  What if everyone on earth aimed a laser pointer at the moon the same time? Sounds familiar? These are the questions we ponder from time to time that are explored in great detail in this fabulous book.  What if you could drain all the water from the oceans? What if all the lighting in the world struck the same place at the same time? Granted you may not care about these questions but the answers to these questions in this novel will enlighten and sometimes frighten.  This book deals with weird sometimes ridiculous questions that are far from the realm of reality but it is always good to know what would happen for an event that has zero chances of every occurring in nature.  Some questions are more realistic such as if it ever became possible to propel a baseball at the speed of light?  Author Randall Munroe applies reason and research to hypothetical conundrums ranging from philosophical to scientific and often absurd but never pseudo.  These are the questions that seemed awesome in your elementary school days but were never sufficiently answered.  Stretch your mind and explore the What If’s with the amazing book.

The Cost? $14.59


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