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Swim Desk

swim-desk with man swimming and working

swim-desk with man swimming and working

The Swim Desk is the perfect blend of work and pleasure!

Well this is definitely the ultimate balance between work and play, being able to work while enjoying the pleasures of your favorite activity has always been the pinnacle of the work-play balance.  The Swim Desk purports to let you enjoy the comforts and cardiovascular benefits of swimming all while performing your work duties from your laptop.  We are not sure how your laptop and mobile device will feel about being so close to water and what safeguards are there to prevent you from being fried if one of those devices end up in the pool, but that is another story.


The benefits far outweigh the potential shortcomings, you reduce the risk of all kinds of maladies that are common to sitting at a desk for an extended period of time.  Furthermore, you engage in one of the most cardiovascular intensive workouts in the process which may actually energize your brain with more blood flow helping you to think clearly and solve problems faster.


In addition, for those who love to swim against resistance, the swim desk comes with a built in 5hp motor that you can control to increase water flow from gentle to fast.  The swim desk is an all-inclusive experience, even water temperature can be adjusted to your liking by the 4kW electric water heater.  When not working use the pool as a romantic hang out spot with your significant other and to set the ambiance after dark by turning on the built in underwater LED lighting. Unfortunately, no jets are included so you will just have to sit and enjoy the warm glow of the LED’s beneath you.

The Cost? $1,999.99


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