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Survivor Power Bank Rugged Portable Backup Battery



The Survivor Power Bank Rugged Portable Backup Battery May save Your Life in an Emergency!

This device is appropriately called the Survivor Power Bank Rugged Battery because if you find yourself in an emergency situation with a dying cell phone battery, this device may perhaps save your life.  The Survivor power bank is the ultimate backup battery for smartphones and tablets.  With 10,050 mAh charging capacity and its rugged design that can withstand a 6.6 foot drop impact, this is the battery backup you need to have when camping, hiking, mountain climbing or any other outdoor activities. Tested to Military Standard 810G, the Survivor power bank can survive being dropped on a hard concrete surface or even thrown against a wall.  It is also designed for an IP66 rating to protect against water damage and dust particles. A self-sealing flap keeps the battery’s charge and power ports and build-in LED emergency flashlight clean and dry at all times. The Survivor power bank can be recharged via the included micro USB power outlet to device cable and provides up to three full recharges for iPhone 6s Plus, one full charge for iPad Air 2 and up to 95% charge for iPad Pro.  Build-in LED emergency flashlight and LED fuel gauge indicator makes this device a must have survival gear in your backpack.

The Cost? $46.92


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