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Streaks – Daily Habit Tracking App

Streaks Daily Habit Tracker

Streaks Daily Habit Tracker Streaks Daily Habit Tracker

Streaks – Daily Habit Tracking App is Your Personal Task Reminder!

Habits are not easy to lose and certainly not easy to adopt but new habits can be learned easily and the Streaks -Daily Habit Tracking app for Android smartphones makes the process much easier by scheduling it and reminding you of tasks that need to be completed. Since habits are difficult to adopt, the habit tracker app is as simple as an app can be without the technology overload. The app is easy to use and works on the principle of continuity or the “Don’t Break the Chain” routine which will have you setup your tasks and follow through with them every day until a natural habit is formed.

The app will remind you every day to complete your task until it is completed so you stick to the routine and develop the habit you are trying to learn. Once daily reminders are set in the app, each task will show up on your Smartphone as a notification to perform the task. To prevent this feature from becoming annoying it is recommended to set the reminder for 5 minutes after you begin your task, once your task is finished you can mark it as completed in the app to no longer receive the notification. The free version of the app limits your task setting to only five tasks but the paid version for only $2.00 will allow you to create unlimited tasks. Adopt any habit in half the time with the Streaks habit tracking app. Currently the app is only available for Android phones.

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