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Solar Breeze Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Solar Breeze Robotic Pool Cleaner keeps Your Pool Spotless!


Summer is coming and its time to uncover your swimming pool, clean it and get ready for those backyard pool parties with friends and family.  The Solar Breeze Robotic Pool Cleaner is a solar powered pool skimmer that will roam every corner of your swimming pool cleaning up all debris that falls into your pool.  It removes dust, leaves, pollen, cotton or anything that would eventually sink to the bottom of the pool.


The robotic pool cleaner saves time by preventing you from having to rake the surface of your pool twice daily.  Simply place the robot into the pool and walk away.  Return later to find your pool sparking clean of surface debris.  Cleaning the robot is easy, simply change the filter whenever its full and put it back to work.  The robotic cleaner will reduce the workload of your pool filtration system thereby extending its life.


The solar breeze is exactly as it says, solar powered so there is no need to plug it into anything.  If your pool is indoors, you may need to charge this outside in direct sunlight and allow its 5300mAh internal lithium-ion battery to fully charge before placing it into your pool.  For outdoor pools, the robotic cleaner will charge directly from sunlight by using the solar panels on top of the machine and will run for around 23.5 hours.  For days when there is poor sunlight, the internal battery will store energy from previous charging allowing you to use the device to keep your pool clean.

Cost? $628.00

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