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Soda Crackers Shaped Throw Pillows

Soda Crackers Shaped Throw Pillows

Soda Crackers Shaped Throw Pillows

These Soda Crackers Shaped Throw Pillows are a Perfect Replica of the Original Soda Biscuit!

When it comes to decorating homes, you can count me out of that, but if i can throw in my own two cents, these soda crackers shaped throw pillows are rather cool indeed. These novelty cracker shaped throw pillows looks like a vividly cut 3d biscuit that is so realistic it might have you nibbling on the edges. They are made of high-stretch short wool fabric and PP cotton and are fully elastic, not to mention, comfortable, soft and provide maximum comfort.

In addition, they come in four styles, round regular biscuits, round sesame seed biscuits, square sesame seed biscuits, and green onion sesame biscuits. They feature a contoured shape which are perfect for chairs, patio, home, office or where ever you need a comfortable throw pillow. Finally these unorthodox throw pillows will add a sense of style and elegant to anywhere you desire to have them displayed.

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