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Snap N Strain Clip On Colander

Clip On Colander

Clip On Colander

The Snap N Strain Clip on Colander Strains Away Boiling Water Safely!

When cooking, its important to have utensils that minimize the risk of accidents and injury.  The Snap N Strain Clip on Colander is a one of those utensils that minimize the risk of burn injuries when straining your rice or pasta.  Traditional colanders are just not safe, you have to place the colander in the sink, then walk your pot of hot boiling water from the stovetop to the sink, then pour into the colander carefully without spilling the hot water and contents of the pot.  The clip on Colander simply clips onto the pot allowing you to strain off water directly into the sink.  No hassle and less risk of burning yourself.  The clip on colander fits nearly all round pots, pans and big and small bowls, including lipped bowls.   Made of BPA free plastic and dishwasher safe, its small compact and takes up very little space in your pantry.
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