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Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella Dome

hands free umbrella

hands free umbrella

Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella Dome for hands free protection from the elements!


The Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella Dome frees up your hands and removes the inconvenience of having to hold your umbrella during a rainstorm.  The traditional umbrella design hasn’t changed much since they were invented and Nubrella is reinventing the traditional umbrella with a more functional design better adapted to modern life.  In today’s world with our myriads of gadgets and gadgetry we cant afford to not have our hands free to take a selfie, send that important text message or check on the latest stock positions.  Nubrella recognizes the importance of keeping our hands free and has come up with breakthrough design that offers hands free and wind resistant coverage which ultimately replaces the raincoat and umbrella all together.  For those desiring of a backpack, Nubrella offers a custom designed backpack that goes along with the umbrella dome.

Cost? $69.99

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