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ModPools Shipping Container Swimming Pools



Modpools – Shipping Container Swimming Pools offers an affordable alternative to in-ground swimming pools!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to build an inground swimming pool, Modpools let you simply drop one of their modular shipping container swimming pools into the same hole in the ground and in half the time have your swimming pool up and ready to use.  Modpools container pools come fully equipped with pump, filtration systems, heater, jets and lighting you can control from your smartphone to set the right ambience for the perfect swim.  Once filled the heating system can increase the water temperature from 15 F up to 86 F in the space of one hour so you can begin to enjoy your pool in no time.  Modpools are available in standard shipping container sizes 8’x20’ and 8’x40’ so you can choose the right size to install in your backyard and if you decide to move you can dig up the pool, put it on the back of a truck and relocate to your new location.


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