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Luminiser Thermo-Electric Oil Lantern

Thermo-Electric Oil Lantern

Thermo-Electric Oil Lantern

The Luminiser Thermo-Electric Oil Lantern, Converts Heat into Electricity!

The Luminiser Thermo-Electric Oil Lantern is an innovative lantern that uses Thermo-Electricity which is electricity generated by heat from a flame to illuminate your home, backyard, garage or campsite. It’s the perfect tool for a lights-out situation, all you need to do to create bright LED light is to screw in one Luminiser Oil Unit in the center of the lantern and allow the lantern to absorb the heat. The heat is then converted into energy that produces an ultra-bright LED light. The lantern is small, compact, lightweight and can be carried around with its sturdy handle or use the built-in legs to place it securely on any surface.  The lantern requires no batteries, cords, solar charges, or electricity, only one unit of the Luminiser Oil Unit provides up to 8-hours of light.
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