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Lamp Lamp Bulb by HH Style



The quirky Lamp Lamp Bulb by HH Style adds striking illumination to your living space!

This is the quirky lamp that will leave you guessing.  The Lamp Lamp Bulb by HH Style is a one of kind lighting invention that turns the tables upside down when it comes to interior lighting.   Why have only one screw base when you can have two?  The Lamp lamp is simple yet chic, and will make you think twice about standard interior lighting.  This cleverly designed lamp works perfectly on its own as a spotlight or a nightlight or you can pair it with your existing lamp to brighten up your home even more.  The optional stand (in black or white) allows the lamp to be used on any table, desk or other flat surface where lighting is desired.  Capacity 100V, 30W and measures 2.8”x1.8” includes lamp bulb (E28, 1.8W).

The Cost? $116.00


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