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June Intelligent Oven



The June Intelligent Oven for perfect cooking and baking everytime!

This is the oven that makes you appear to be a terrific cook even if you have never put together a meal in your life.  The June Intelligent Oven is a smart oven that will give you the consistency in your baking and cooking that has eluded you for so long in your cooking. There is nothing like cooking the same dish that taste exactly the same over and over again and the June intelligent oven makes all your dishes precisely how you want them every time.


Unlike conventional ovens, the intelligent oven uses 6 carbon-fiber heating coils that preheat faster than traditional ovens and a super accurate thermometer that precisely measures internal food temperatures while cooking.  The smart oven built in sensors and artificial intelligence will recognize the kind of dish you are cooking and calibrate itself for how hot or how long it will take to cook the dish.


The oven uses an HD camera to let you watch live video from the app on your phone of your chicken roasting and 50+ preset cooking programs for everything from baking to broiling to roasting. The phone app means you don’t have to stay in the kitchen until your meal is cooked but can monitor its cooking from anywhere in the home or outside.  A built in 5” touchscreen display gives users control over heating and cook time.

The Cost? $1,399.51


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