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Imperial Fast Defrosting Tray



Thaw your Steaks Superfast with the Imperial Fast Defrosting Tray!

With the hustle and bustle of modern life we simply do not have the time after a hard days work to wait for steak to thaw out before preparing that succulent dinner. Thankfully the Imperial fast defrosting tray will thaw out your meats in no time. Simply place your steak or any meat on the tray and unwind and before you know it your steak will be ready for the grill. The secret of the defrosting tray lies in its thermal conductive material composition which absorbs latent heat from the environment at rapid pace and distributes it evenly on the tray surface. Even rock solid steaks or chicken breast from the freezer will thaw out naturally and safely in less time it would take to actually prepare the steak.   The tray requires no electricity or batteries just an open space on your counter top or grill to defrost your favorite meats. Measures 14” long x 8” wide and is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Cost? $13.99


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