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Hand Crafted Bolt Action Steampunk Pens



The Hand Crafted Bolt Action Steampunk Pens – A blend of vintage with modern technology!

The amazing Hand Crafted Bolt Action Steampunk Pens is the perfect blend of science fiction, technology and aesthetic design.  Inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery, the designs are found in the fictional works of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and in modern movies such as the James Bond series. Each of these unique pens are hand crafted of exotic wood hand tuned on a lathe, polished and waxed. Crafted to resemble a cartridge using a bolt action to extend the writing tip, the pen will be sure to inspire inquisitive minds.  Available in a variety of metals and exotic woods for the barrel of the pen.

The Cost? $79.00


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