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Earth 300 Nuclear Powered Superyacht


Image: iddesyachts

This Proposed Earth 300 Nuclear-Powered Superyacht Will be Longer Than the Titanic and Will Costs $700 Million!

We here at wickedgadgetry are always looking for extreme engineering and technology products but when we stumbled across the Earth 300 nuclear-powered superyacht we were just floored by its awesome innovative design and the fact that this proposed vessel if constructed will be nuclear powered. It’s hard to describe something so beautiful and unorthodox, but if you have ever seen the famous 1998 film “Sphere” that will conjure up a general idea of this amazing vessel. Designed by Iddes Yachts, a naval architecture company based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the vessel will be a superyacht, scientific vessel and vanity platform all in one. It will introduce features found on cruise, expedition, research and luxury yachts.

The vessel, if constructed will become a platform for testing the latest marine, ocean exploration and naval innovation technology. The founder of Iddes Yachts, Ivan Salas Jefferson, claims the vessel will include robotics, IOT, AI and quantum computing and will be equipped with 22-state-of-the-art laboratories. According to him, Earth 300 goal will be to create awareness of climate change and inspire ethical and logical imagination by bringing together scientists, students, private citizens and world leaders.

The gigantic sphere that sits at the center of the vessel will feature 13-stories dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge while the forward area of the vessel will include luxury suites for high-value individuals. In addition, there will also be spots for 40 VIP guests, who will pay $3 million each for the privilege of being on the yacht, which is more than 10 times the cost of a seat on Virgin Galactic. At a cost of $500 to $700 million, to the average reader, Earth 300 would appear more like another toy for the super wealthy but when considering the technology that will be in this vessel its clear to see its more than just a toy.

The most innovative aspect of this vessel is the fact that it will be nuclear powered. TerraPower, the nuclear innovation company founded by Bill Gates, devised the revolutionary technology for an on-board molten-salt reactor (MSR) which will provide zero-emissions and replace gas turbines found on traditional superyachts. This would mean the vessel could stay at sea indefinitely much like nuclear powered warships and only return to port for supplies.

Bringing a vessel of this magnitude to fruition is a daunting task, but the company’s founder claims that preliminary design and naval engineering for the Earth 300 vessel is already approved and completed. With the financial investment and support of important investors like IBM and RINA, the firsts vessel of its kind is expected to launch sometime in 2025 and it’s not too farfetched to imagine the first customers being Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or even Bill Gates.

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