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DeLorean Aerospace DR-7 Flying Car

DR-7-Flying-Car in flight

DR-7-Flying-Car in flight

The DR-7 Flying Car is the latest evolution in personal air transportation!


For generations, the holy grail of aviation has been to create a machine that brings the freedom and exhilaration of personal air transportation to the masses.  DeLorean Aerospace takes aviation to heights unseen with the DR-7 flying car.  The DR-7 is an astounding piece of aerospace ingenuity that may one day become the preferred choice of commuters.  With flying taxis entering service in places like Dubai, the DR-7 is poised to become the next iteration in personal aviation allowing unfettered access to the skies in a machine that has the capability to take off and land vertically.   Designed for performance and safety, with minimal weight for unrivaled speed and maneuverability.  The DR-7 is built like a Formula One race car for the sky and features a monocoque composite body, tandem seating configuration, high-efficiency stall-resistant canard wings and an industry-first centerline twin vectoring propulsion system.


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